Unknown to me at the time, the idea for Baked With Jake began in 1996 when traveling with an old friend in the Canadian Rockies.  We came across a cafe and general store tucked away in Yoho National Park, British Columbia.  They baked the most delectable cookie I have ever tasted, filled with so many layers of crunchy goodness and texture.  They gladly shared the recipe with us - and I was on my way to cookie greatness with The Corn Flake Chocolate Chip Cookie.  

          Not long after that trip, I founded a restaurant and bakery in Denver, Colorado.  It was not long until I had developed a small cult following for these crunchy, cereal filled chocolate infused cookies - and low and behold,  6 months later I was awarded Best Cookies in Denver.

          For the past 14 years, the Corn Flake Chocolate Chip Cookie has laid dormant, only shared with family and friends until now.  After losing my job in 2015, and my wife Jamie & I having our first son Jake, it was time to get back to work.  I  just could not find anything that peaked my interest and that gave me the pleasure my customers and friends used to have when they enjoyed my cookies. 

          So I began playing around with some old recipes in my kitchen, and once again, that passion was there - as was my son Jake.  As the days went on, I would put Jake in a bouncy seat in the middle of the kitchen while I baked cookies - and he loved it!  His eyes never left me, and I loved how he watched me.  Baked With Jake was born.  We hope you enjoy our cookies as much as we do creating them.     


                                       From my kitchen to your home,

                                                       David & Jake